A Complete Platform For
Intelligent Automation

Enabling fast and easy process discovery, Robot development and governance using Artificial

How It Works

This is how Visualyze's Intelligent Process Automation platform helps you automate your business processes.



The Intelligent Process Discovery™ automatically identifies business processes, creates visual representations and evaluates the ROI achieved by their automation.



Model the process using fast and intuitive drag and drop tools. Integrate with business applications and build the workflow using Artificial Intelligence.


Build & deploy

Build intelligent software robots that can be run on multiple platforms and scale their deployment them as needed. Deploy on local PC, remote servers or Visualyze's RPA Server Farm - quickly and efficiently.


Manage & Measure

Observe and manage the bots remotely using the Visualyze RPA Cloud platform. Derive insights from your digital workers via integrated business intelligence tools.

Automation Components​

The Visualyze RPA Studio supports almost all automation requirements out of the box

Email Automation
SAP Automation
Excel automation
Web Automation
PDF automation
RDP Automation
Windows UI Automation
Citrix Automation
Terminal Automation
Salesforce Automation

Visually Design Software Robots

You can design and run a robot using Visualyze RPA Studio without writing a single piece of code.

Visualyze RPA Studio

Drag and drop designer application to create software robots visually and intuitively. Use the designer workbench to create RPA applications and design Machine Learning workflows to assist with OCR and NLP tasks. It comes with 200+ automation tasks, 40+ integrations such as Microsoft Office, SAP, Citrix for RPA and in built AI assisted document extraction and text classification tools.

Drag and Drop

Create bots and workflows visually and intuitively.

RPA and ML workbench

Create RPA and Machine Learning workflows using the Drag and Drop Designer.

Built-in Integrations

Provides all common RPA tasks and Office, Web and Virtual Machines integrations out of the box.

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